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No Workshops Scheduled at this time -
Please check back now and then for future updates.

If you would like to set up a workshop, please
E-mail Bernadette Wulf or call (707) 824-0675

     Occasional HealItAll WorkShops

* Intuitive Reiki - Prerequisite Reiki I or higher.
Expand your Reiki practice to include a Magical Toolbox full of Energy Healing Modalities.

* EFT Money Magic! - Healing Money Issues - Working with Law of Attraction and EFT

StageMasters! - Performing Arts Workshops - A fun way to get over performance anxiety and stage fright

Contact Bernadette Wulf    

For More Information               (707) 824-0675 
E-mail Bernadette                   Business hours Pacific Time Please

Intuitive Reiki Workshops
~ with Faery Reiki, MRT and EFT

Prerequisite Reiki I or higher.
Expand your Reiki practice to include a Magical Toolbox full of Energy Healing Modalities.
    In This Workshop You Will Learn:
   Working Intuitively with Reiki
   Faery Reiki Healing - including Attunement
   Peruvian Shamanic Chakra Clearing
   EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
   MRT (Muscle Response Testing)
   Jin Shin Jyutsu

Learn how to use MRT (Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Testing) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to clear a multitude of emotionally-based issues. Specifically geared to clear the personal life-challenges of workshop participants, particularly your "core issue" that sets a pattern of limitation in your life.

Working in groups will facilitate the healing of everyone in the group, even if the issue being cleared seems irrelevant to the observers. It is a wonderful way to experience the connection we all share, while learning a new self-empowering healing skill.

You will address physical/nutritional, mental/emotional, and spiritual imbalances (also known as "problems") and learn how to reconnect with your essential energy of joy and creativity. Discover the root causes of any issue or problem and clear it with the power of understanding and forgiveness, augmented by EFT and Law of Attraction.

Includes hands-on practice and dealing with the specific issues of participants.

One day Healing Money Issues Workshop -
Discover a new way of looking at finances, based on "The Law of Attraction."

Fun and informative. This can be the beginning of your lifelong habit of allowing money to flow to you almost effortlessly. Break through your hidden blocks to abundance. Clear limiting conditioning from the past. Step into a new life of dreams coming true.
EFT Practice
MRT used to identify blocks and limiting beliefs
Shamanic Guided Visualization Journeys

All you have to do is change the way you think and feel about money. MRT and EFT are used to clear specific blocks and negative beliefs about money. The rest is easy.

overcome stage fright

Weekend Performance Workshop -
Enhance your performance skills in this two day intensive workshop, filled with games, laughter, and release of inhibitions.

StageMasters! Performing Arts Workshops! are open to professional and amateur performers, or anyone who wants to feel more comfortable getting up in front of a group. Participants give each other constructive, positive feedback on performing style and stage presence. Specific performance blocks will be addressed with EFT.

Clearing performance blocks. Have you ever wished you could get up on stage and feel totally relaxed? Do you wonder how to unleash your free expression in a performance situation? Here's your chance to clear that stage fright, inhibition, or just plain jittery nerves. In a fun and safe environment, you will find yourself breaking through the barriers that have held you back all your life.

You can live your dream of free expression on stage. Once your psychological blocks are cleared, all it takes is practice and constructive, positive feedback. You can invite friends and family to a group performance at the end of the workshop.

More information about 

Create Your Own Workshops -

Gather a few friends and I will schedule a day or a weekend to hold any of the workshops listed above.

clear blocks to healing with eft

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Bernadette Wulf
EFT Therapist
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Based in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California

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