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health is your birthright

Free Tips for

Holistic Health & Healing

     Good Health
        is Your Birthright

Holistic Health Care
brings true healing,
rather than
simply relieving symptoms

Health: from the root "kailo" meaning whole - the state of optimal function and vitality on all levels of being. Health is the state in which most of us were born, but we somehow manage to drift away from it over the years.

vital health natural healingThe Naturopathic
Approach to Healing

Symptoms are relieved because
the underlying cause is removed and true health is restored.

* We do not try to suppress symptoms with drugs or surgery that will only
cause more serious problems later on.

* We look for the underlying cause of disease and seek to alleviate that cause in the most natural way possible.

* We do not believe in putting synthetic chemicals into the body, just because they may temporarily appear to "cure" a problem, because we know that these chemicals are not compatible with true health and will eventually create disease.

Your Body Can Heal Anything
If Given the Right Tools!

The top three causes of death in the United States:

#1 - Medical Interventions (Including prescription drugs, surgeries, hospital mistakes, and illnesses contracted in hospitals - over 783,966/year!)

#2 - Heart Disease

#3 - Cancer

Type 2 Diabetes is rapidly becoming a national health crisis in the United States. One third of all children born after the year 2000 are expected to develop diabetes, yet it can easily be reversed with a raw food vegan diet, as shown in the "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" DVD.

All of these health problems could be prevented or healed with improved nutrition and positive mental and emotional habits. This has been proved in study after study, yet the average person continues to ignore the facts.

Why not take steps today to insure
that you do not become one of these statistics?

- or if you already are a statistic, wouldn't NOW be a good time to make the changes that can restore you to your natural state of health?

* The most important tool of all is your choice to find thoughts that feel better - in each and every moment.

* Look for thoughts of hope and appreciation, inspiration, compassion, optimism, joy, humor, admiration, and gratitude.

* When you hold your focus on these positive, uplifting thoughts, your cells and even your DNA will respond by returning to their ideal state of health.

* Bottom line - do whatever it takes to feel good as often as you possibly can!

"By focusing upon the improved emotion - which you can achieve in this moment - you lay the vibrational foundation for your physical improvement."
- Abraham-Hicks,
The Astonishing Power of Emotions

magnetic attraction

Because the Universal Law of Attraction draws in everything we focus on like a magnet, we have the power to totally transform our health in a positive or negative way, by holding either positive or negative thoughts - about ourselves, our bodies, and everything around us.

Pay attention to how you feel when you talk or think, especially about your health. If it feels good, it is adding to your health and well-being. If it feels unpleasant, you are sabotaging yourself and undermining your health.

In addition to forming positive habits of thinking and feeling, you can enhance your health by including -

1. fresh air

2. plenty of pure water 
3. fun and relaxation
4. sharing and compassion
5. fulfilling work
6. enjoyable exercise
7. organic plant-based whole-foods diet

8. good dental care (see note at bottom of        this section)
9. proper spinal alignment
10.healthy balance of intestinal flora
11.regular elimination

  In Naturopathic Holistic Healing,
  we always start with the least harmful remedies

If your health is already out of balance, there are so many amazing and safe holistic healing modalities available to us now, that it only makes sense to give them a try when we are faced with illness, whether physical or mental.

Always try the safest healing modalities first. If they help, then you won't ever have to resort to invasive and dangerous treatments like prescription drugs, surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Here are just a few modalities that have worked miracles for many people:

* Homeopathy
* Herbal teas and tinctures
* Chiropractic adjustments
* Acupuncture
* Acupressure
* Reflexology
* Reiki
* Massage
* Nutrition - based on whole plant foods
* Bach Flower Remedies
* Ho'oponopono
* and too many more to name

In the hands of a skilled health-care professional, alternative therapies can be highly effective, beyond what any drugs or surgery could possibly achieve. This is because they work with the natural healing process of the body, rather than merely suppressing symptoms.

It may take a bit longer to see the results, but you will be building a strong foundation for health, rather than just finding temporary relief while undermining your inner vitality.

What is Ho'oponopono?

Hawaiian Ho'oponopono is a practice of healing that starts with yourself. Since everything and everyone is energetically connected, every conflict or dis-ease in the outer world is also reflected inside oneself. By offering love and forgiveness to that part of yourself, you bring healing to the situation reflected in the outer reality. You can use Ho'oponopono alone, or combine it with EFT or any other modality, for healing yourself, others, relationships, and our planet.

Here's a beautiful video meditation to help you get started with the Ho'oponopono practice.

Life-Threatening Illness

If you are facing an emergency, or life-threatening illness, of course you will want to use every means at your disposal to heal yourself quickly.

* There is a great deal of controversy about treatment options, so you have to trust your own intuition about what is best for you. 

* Gather as much information as possible about Holistic Healing options for your particular issue. You probably won't get it from your medical doctor, though there are a few who include Holistic approaches in their treatments. 

* You will have to do your own research and find information through word of mouth, books, alternative health-care professionals, and/or the Internet.

* Look for a well-respected Naturopathic Doctor, Homeopath, Osteopath, or alternative M.D. with an open mind. Make sure she or he inspires your trust and optimism. If you don't feel uplifted and hopeful walking out of the office, look for another doctor! Your body knows what's good for you. Trust your feelings!

* Get recommendations and stories from people who have been helped with similar problems.

The MOST important thing is that you BELIEVE in the treatment and the practitioner you choose.

Your belief will be the most important factor in your healing.

Who to Trust?

The problem is how to know which information to trust, which options are best for your particular biochemistry, and how much of what your medical doctor has to offer is really going to help.

* I have found that quiet meditation and asking inwardly for answers is the best way to clear this confusion. "Ask and you shall receive." 

* There is a part of you that knows the answers. Trust your Inner Guidance. Nobody knows you better. If something feels uplifting, that is your Inner Self telling you to trust it.

* If you remain open and positive, you will be led to the best answers and the best practitioners for your personal situation.

* Remember that illness is an opportunity for learning and expanding your understanding of reality. What you were doing and believing in the past has led to where you are now. In order to change what is, you have to think about it, or imagine it in a different way. How can you expand your beliefs and perceptions to include perfect health?

Check dental health - biological dentistImportant Note:
If faced with life-threatening or degenerative disease, I highly recommend that you find a competent biological dentist to check for causes in the mouth.

Tooth and gum infections and reactions to metals, or other filling materials can seriously impair your immune system and the body's ability to heal itself, and may even be the underlying cause of many degenerative diseases.

Your regular dentist with probably tell you this is not true, but I know from personal experience how much damage even one incompatible metal in the mouth can cause!

(And what do you know! After I published this page, the American Dental Association has finally come forward to admit that silver/mercury amalgam fillings are toxic!)

How to Find a Holistic Biological Dentist

Go to http://www.iabdm.org/ to find a biological dentist near you.

plant based dietNutrition Note:
Broad-based scientific studies have indicated that a plant-based, whole-foods diet offers the best options for preventing or reversing degenerative diseases of all kinds.

This does not mean a 100% vegan diet for everyone, but it does mean limiting animal products to less than 10% of your diet. The ideal amount and type of animal products will vary from person to person.

For your convenience, I have collected the best books I've found that are presently available on nutrition and health all in one place, at Health Books, Foods, & Supplements   -  I highly recommend starting with The China Study, if you have any doubt about the advisability of adopting a plant-based diet. For good basic nutrition and excellent dietary advice I recommend The Body Ecology Diet.

(Though I appreciate the convenience of using my links at Amazon, I would actually prefer that you support your local economy by shopping at your locally-owned bookstore, if you have that option.)

EFT Healing, Nutrition Coaching
  Health & Nutrition Coaching
E-mail Bernadette Wulf

 (707) 824-0675    
Bernadette Wulf   
Naturopath - EFT Therapist - Reiki Master  
Law of Attraction Coach  
Life is meant to be fun!

Abundance, Health and Creativity are only natural. When our circumstances appear otherwise, it is simply because we are missing an important element. Usually, at the very deepest level, it is appreciation - appreciation of self and everything around us.

* There are all sorts of "fixes" for what we find wrong with ourselves and the world (and they may even be the best short-term solutions), but unless they address the underlying cause, they will only have superficial, or temporary effects. 

* The deeper solution is always the same. More love. More acceptance. More appreciation for ourselves, our bodies, and everything we experience.
That is the simple key -
the only answer you will ever  need
to live a happy, healthy life!
Key to health wealth & happiness

It's pretty simple, but not always easy. 

* It means changing the habits and beliefs of a lifetime.

* If you would like help in healing at the deepest levels of your being, and/or getting to that loving, appreciative place, I offer
EFT Therapy and Law of Attraction Coaching, including Nutrition Coaching and Health & Wellness Coaching, to get you moving in the right direction. 

* Healing is a life-long process, and a thrilling ride that keeps getting better and better if you let it.
E-mail Bernadette 
with questions or comments                                           707-824-0675

heal your heart

  Heal Your Heart ~ Heal It All

No matter which dis-ease, or emotional dis-function you seek to heal, the deep, underlying cause is always the same. You have forgotten how to love yourself completely. You are afraid that you are not good enough, or not lovable enough. You are letting fear shut down your feelings. Your heart is breaking and you don't want to feel the pain.

Every one of us faces the same issue.
It may play out in different ways:

* physical illness
* poverty
* emotional turmoil
* anxiety
* inability to see what is right in front of us
* obesity
* addiction 
* spiritual disconnection
* struggle & stress

All these problems
come from the same root cause.

We are not loving and appreciating ourselves enough.
Yet, beneath the layers of pain, beneath all the fear and resistance, your Core Essence always remains the free, loving, beautiful, and creative being you were meant to be.

     Two Easy Ways to Reconnect
     with Your Inner Core Essence 

1. Peel off the outer layers of fear and negativity, one by one. 

* EFT is perhaps the best tool for clearing away these layers of trauma, negative beliefs, anxiety, and fear. 

* With persistent "tapping" your bad habits of thinking and feeling will almost effortlessly fall away. 

* You will discover the truth that you are the powerful attractor of your reality, and that you are safe and supported by the world around you.

2. Take a Leap of Faith and jump right into the Center Core of Your Being. You can do this through:

* The Art of Allowing - deep acceptance of "what is"

* Meditation

* Mindfulness (as in the Buddhist tradition)

* Forming conscious habits of appreciation and gratitude

* Using your Imagination and the Universal Law of Attraction

The Power of Imagination

I-magi-nation is the most powerful tool we have to change our reality. If you can imagine something and maintain your focus on it, Universal Law will make it your reality, every time. No exceptions. 

* This may be hard to believe.

* It probably wasn't what you were taught. 

* It is a verifiable fact that you can prove to yourself if you are willing to take the Leap of Faith it requires.

Don't spend another day feeling trapped in limitation. The tools to set yourself free are waiting for you to discover them. You can use EFT to loosen the grip of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, while you cultivate new habits of appreciation, gratitude, love, and joy.

"Of course the truth is, you are really all dying of broken hearts. Your body does not wear out, um? Your bodies were designed to last you hundreds of years. They do not wear out.

"You die because you are terrified to feel. You think that if you go to those painful feelings, if you go to the heartbreak, the anguish, that you will die of the pain of it. And the truth is, if you do not go, then you do die of it."

heal your broken heart

Holistic Health Resources -

Herbal Healer Academy - an excellent source of information and products for Holistic Healing and Naturopathic education.

   http://www.herbalheals.com - Herbal Medicine

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Inner Alchemy of DNA

Science is now able to measure what mystics have been teaching for ages. Feelings of forgiveness, love, gratitude, appreciation, and joy raise the frequency of our energy vibrations and change the very structure of our DNA ~ as if from lead into gold!

* Use the power of visualization and intention to assist the evolution of your DNA 

* Heal any damaged areas in present DNA strands with your focused intention.

How is it possible to change DNA

and Genes with visualization?

Modern science, known as quantum physics, is proving that we can change not only our own biology, but also our perceived reality with our thoughts and visualizations. Our cells and DNA are highly responsive to our thoughts.

Mystics have know this for ages, but now scientists like
Dr. Bruce Lipton are able to verify this in the laboratory.

The Biology of Belief is a groundbreaking work in the field of New Biology. Author Dr. Bruce Lipton is a former medical school professor (University of Wisconsin) and research scientist (Stanford University School of Medicine).

Dr. Lipton's experiments examined in great detail the processes by which cells receive information. In this book Dr. Lipton discusses the amazing implications of his research and that of other leading-edge scientists that will radically change our understanding of life.

* Genes/DNA do not control our biology!

* DNA is controlled by extra-cellular signals, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts and feelings. 

* By retraining our minds to create healthy beliefs, we can change the physiology of our trillion-celled bodies.

This synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics is being hailed as a major breakthrough in our awareness of how our cells, our bodies and our minds work.

According to Gregg Braden:

* Positive feelings vibrate in faster and shorter wavelengths than negative feelings, so they stimulate more points on our DNA strands as they pass through our bodies. 

* Therefore they activate parts of our DNA and brain that have been previously unused.

As our frequency is thus raised, the body generates more "light" (i.e. energy), which can be seen with clairvoyant vision, and photographed with modern instruments.

DNA activation enhances the inner core of your cells, which can bring about healing, renewed vitality, and a new sense of purpose.

clear blocks to healing with eft


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