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Health, Wealth, and Happiness
Depends on Only One thing ~

      Focusing on What You Want!  
   Not on What You Don't Want!

Appreciation is the key to happinessAppreciate Yourself Enough to Allow
the Health
& Abundance that is Naturally Yours to Appear!

The Key to staying focused
on what
you want is Appreciation!

When you appreciate something, no matter what it is, there is no room for negative thoughts or feelings. You can't beat up on yourself or anyone else! You are totally aligned with the Life Force Energy of the Universe and everything you want is being attracted into your experience.

* You cannot appreciate one thing while you criticize another. 

* Appreciation can only happen in this NOW moment, and it fills the moment completely. 

* When you live in this moment and fully experience NOW, you find more and more to appreciate.

* Appreciating anything is a path to appreciating everything - including yourself. 

* The object of appreciation does not matter. It is the experience of appreciating that will transform your life.

* Appreciation simply IS. When it is focused on one thing, it envelopes everything.

Find something to appreciate in every moment of your life, and you will begin to appreciate yourself and everyone else around you more and more.

Appreciation = Your Doorway
to Dreams Coming True

Appreciation and the Law of Allowing

When you are appreciating, you are open to receive. You are letting go of the resistance that keeps you apart from what you want, so the Law of Allowing can let in whatever you've been wanting. All of us are wishing for things all the time, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, and the Universe is always responding by giving us what we ask for. So why aren't we always getting it?

That's where Law of Allowing comes in. The Universe always answers our every desire, but we have to allow the things we want to come to us. That means letting go, finding the joy in what is, even if we are only imagining it. The moment we can simply accept and allow absolutely everything just as it is, we release the resistance that has been holding our dreams at bay.

The problem is that we are often not allowing what is, because of unconscious limiting beliefs, or because we've been keeping our focus on what we don't want. By practicing appreciation we can bypass all that negative programming. The more time we spend in appreciation, the more we will find that we are living our dreams and manifesting our goals.

 You Hold the Key!

key to health, wealth, happiness
Each Moment Offers
Something New to Appreciate -

Look for something right now. Make it a game. Make it a habit. If you do, I can promise that your life will be amazingly wonderful and you will discover the powerful creator that you really are. 

Your broken heart will heal, along with all the "problems" that may be bothering you right now. 
Give it a try.  What do you have to lose?

Fears, limitations, false beliefs, unwanted weight,
poverty, disease, a lousy self-image?
There IS a way out.

Take the first step today. You have nothing to lose but your problems, and everything to appreciate!

"The secret to life is this: look for something to appreciate and practice it until it becomes easy and you will live happily ever after."
  - Abraham-Hicks

    The ultimate self-help tool is appreciation ~
    Find something to appreciate!

EFT Therapy - improving emotional habits
Create an upward spiral
       of positive manifestation in your life!

Abraham: "...Because you see, all that feeling of worthiness is, is closing the gap. You don't need to say 'I do know that I am worthy,' but you do need to feel the equivalent of it.
"Do you know that when you are in a state of appreciation the gap is closed, and when you are in a state of knowing your worthiness the gap is closed? So does it matter if you are feeling appreciation rather than worthiness to close the gap?"
Audience: "No!"
 - Abraham-Hicks

Reach for the Sky!
Make Your Dreams Come True...

* If you have a dream
     that seems out of reach...

     * If you want more money...

          * If you want to improve your
              performance level...

               * If you have a goal,
                  but you are afraid you can't attain it...

                    * If you want to rekindle the joy
                      and hope you once had...

                         * If anxiety is holding you back...

                             * If you want more out of life,
                            but you're not sure what it is...

                                  * If you want to live a magical life...

Make your dreams come true!
I've watched it happen in my own life
and the lives of many others -

I know this stuff really works!

Bernadette Wulf, law of attraction coach

E-mail Bernadette Wulf
(707) 824-0675
Phone Sessions, In Person,
Live Chat, or E-mail Coaching

Peel away your layers of negative programing,
with EFT and Health & Wellness Coaching

Best results come with Long-term Coaching

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