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January 19, 2012

Prescription Drugs are Toxic

Did You Know That ALL Prescription Drugs are Toxic?

Toxic means poisonous! That is why pharmaceutical drugs are so closely regulated. And that is also why drugs have so many negative side effects. Nobody is ever deficient in prescription drugs! Prescribing toxins for an already toxic and diseased condition will eventually lead to a more serious disease.

Immediate symptoms may be relieved by prescription drugs, and sometimes they are needed in emergency situations, but most of these drugs cannot remove the underlying cause of the symptoms. Nor can surgery.

* They do not improve nutrition.
* They generally do not remove toxins from the body.
* In fact they add to the toxic load.
* They do not improve the beliefs and thought patterns that attracted the disease in the first place.

In some cases drugs may be temporarily useful to remove parasites, or to deal with pain or other severe symptoms. However, if your doctor tells you that you will have to stay on any drug long term, it’s time to run the other way and look for other options.

What Are the Other Options?

I may not have all the answers you are looking for, but your body does. I can help you get in touch with your Body Awareness so you can recognize the patterns that are not working for you, and get you started moving in the right direction. Often that is all you will need to see great improvements. Sometimes even a simple change in diet, or an EFT session can work wonders.

Here are some things I often recommend:

Asking your body what it wants
Lab tests
Changes in your diet
Gentle detox
Infrared sauna
Moderate exercise
Spending time in nature
Natural remedies
Parasite cleanse
EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques
Massage & Reiki
Dental work
Spinal alignment

Your body is always trying to heal itself, but you have to cooperate by giving it what it needs – proper nutrition, freedom from toxins and parasites, relief from stress, and plenty of rest and exercise. My job is to help you discover the root cause of your problems and to support you in supporting your body. I will also offer advice on the best ways to improve your nutrition, relieve emotional stress, and detoxify your body. When you follow through and take the recommended action, your body will naturally heal itself. That is the way nature works.

You will find a lot of free information on my website – HealItAll.com. That may be all you need to turn your life around. But you have to use the information! I have spent over 40 years studying and experimenting with nutrition and healing modalities, so you won’t have to. I urge you to take advantage of the resources provided there. If you feel you need more help or advice, I am here to assist you.

My goal is to:
* help you connect with your body’s own wisdom
* give you the information you need
* encourage you to take action on it
* follow up until you are feeling the best you have felt in years!

I hope you will then share what you learn with others, so more people can enjoy the benefits of living in harmony with nature.

For more information visit HealItAll.com or give Bernadette Wulf a call 707-824-0675

What About Emotions?

EFT Tapping Points Can Emotions Make You Sick?

Scientists have found that over 90% of all physical illness begins in the subconscious mind. Your mind can even change your DNA and genetic blueprint, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton! Your habitual thoughts and beliefs are constantly sending messages to every cell in your body. If those habitual thoughts are filled with negativity and emotional distress, your cell function will be impaired and your DNA will coil up like a tight spring. Eventually this will create disease in your body.

EFT – Tapping

If I could show you an easy way to relieve emotional distress in less than an hour, would you try it?

You’ve probably heard of Acupuncture and Acupressure, both of which are used to relieve pain and heal physical and emotional illness. EFT (emotional freedom techniques) or Tapping works like Acupuncture without the needles! EFT is also called Meridian Tapping or Energy Psychology. It is a quick and effective way to relieve stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs, trauma, fears, phobias, food cravings, disturbing memories, and even physical pain and disease.

Can EFT – Tapping even heal physical illness?

Your habitual thoughts, beliefs, and feelings have been shown to affect the energy system of your body and even your DNA, which in turn shapes your health and wellness. EFT – Tapping can permanently clear your energy system of negative emotions related to specific thoughts or memories. When the negative energy is cleared or the habitual beliefs are changed, physical symptoms often disappear.

Sometimes results can be noticed within minutes, but other times it takes many rounds of tapping over several days, or even weeks, to see obvious results. No matter how long it takes, EFT – Tapping has been shown to relieve symptoms over 90% of the time! That is a far better statistic than most pharmaceutical drugs can show. Plus, unlike prescription drugs, EFT has no negative side effects!

EFT – Acutapping can change the negative habits of a lifetime!

* Clear negative beliefs
* Remove emotional cravings
* Relieve stress and anxiety
* Break bad habits
* Dispel fears
* Build self-esteem
* Ease pain

Wouldn’t you love to be healthy and happy again?

I can show you how to tap into your subconscious mind and create a healthier, happier lifestyle now! We can even do it over the phone or through Skype. It won’t take much of your time. After you learn EFT, you can work on yourself whenever it is convenient.

Compared with traditional psychotherapy or medical treatment, EFT is quite inexpensive and fast. In fact, once you learn how to do it, you can do it on yourself and it won’t cost you a thing!

Do you want to learn more?

Contact Bernadette Wulf (707) 824-0675 or visit HealItAll.com

Choose a one-time EFT session or ongoing Body Awareness Coaching

September 29, 2011

Alternative Healing for Mesothelioma Patients

Guest Blog By: Jackie Clark

Traditional medicine has begun to approach cancer treatment in a new way, using alternative therapies to promote healing. A diagnosis of cancer carries not just a physical burden, but an emotional one as well, so it’s no wonder that alternative therapies, such as Reiki, aim to treat a patient’s mind and spiritual well-being in addition to his or her body. From the Japanese meaning, “higher power” and “life force energy,” Reiki promotes spiritual healing in which a trained professional channels the energy of the ill patient by the “laying on hands.” First used over 2500 years ago in ancient Tibet, Reiki has been practiced by the Japanese for nearly a century and was introduced to the West in the 1930’s. The therapy is based on the belief that a low life force contributes to stress and illness. Renewing the life force generates a sense of calm, relaxation, increased happiness, reduced muscle fatigue, and a feeling of healing. Because the diagnosis of life-threatening cancers, such as Mesothelioma, causes emotional distress, many cancer patients have turned to Reiki to battle not just cancer but also the side effects of more traditional cancer therapies.

According to the American Cancer Society, not only are more Mesothelioma patients trying Reiki, but also doctors are recommending this alternative therapy and incorporating it as part of their patients’ treatment plans. Reiki is an amazingly simple procedure to perform and unlike other cancer treatments, it is noninvasive and causes few, if any, side effects. Supporters of the therapy suggest that diseases, such as Mesothelioma, block the energy paths within the body. Reiki practitioners use their hands to administer treatment by placing them at specific locations on or above the patient’s body. The practitioner’s hands are used to unblock channels within the patient’s body; the unblocking of these channels realigns the flow of energy. Although more studies are needed to prove the benefits of Reiki, Mesothelioma patients who have tried it report many positive outcomes, such as decreased pain, stress reduction, increased energy, and lessened side effects from traditional cancer treatments. Initial Mesothelioma symptoms are subtle, so by the time diagnosis is made; the cancer has often metastasized before treatment is begun. As a result, the average life expectancy following diagnosis of Mesothelioma is around one year. While Reiki may not offer a standalone cure for aggressive cancers, such as Mesothelioma, it can certainly play a role in the comprehensive care of patients and improve their quality of life.

February 21, 2010

Health Begins in the Colon

Have you ever heard the saying, “Health begins in the colon?” If you have done much reading on nutrition or natural health, it probably sounds familiar, but what does it really mean? The colon may be one of the organs we like to think about least, but it may affect our health more than any other single organ. Our bodies constantly create waste products and dump them into our blood. The liver works hard to filter the toxins out of the blood so they can be eliminated through the colon, but if the colon is not clean and healthy, all those waste products and toxins can be reabsorbed into the blood! That creates a more and more toxic inner environment.

What can we do to prevent this recontamination?

That is where cleansing and probiotic formulas can really help.

  • Probiotics improve the bio-availability of nutrients in the body such as zinc, iron, phosphorus, B vitamins, calcium, copper, and magnesium.
  • Probiotic strain B. infantis can help to normalize bowel function in patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  • Probiotics showed improvements in patients suffering from bloating.
  • Probiotics can help to lower the rate of diarrhea and diaper rash in babies’ consuming infant probiotics.
  • Acidophilus has been shown to aid in reducing intolerance to lactose found in dairy products.
  • Probiotics can help in regulating intestinal transit time of fecal matter and dramatically reduce constipation in the elderly.
  • Probiotics can aid in promoting growth of healthy bacteria in the colon, lowering the conversion of bile into carcinogens.
  • Probiotics can enhance overall immunity by regulating lymphocytes and antibodies in the body.

That’s a lot of benefits! Unfortunately, we can’t just pop a probiotic pill to undo all the poor food choices we make.  We also have to provide the right kind of fiber to feed the good bacteria and keep the colon rollin’. That means lots of  fresh, whole fruits and vegetables. The bad bacteria thrive on refined sugar, white flour products, and undigested proteins from animal products, so it is important to avoid these as much as possible. Plus, every time we take antibiotics we kill off the good organisms along with the bad and upset the delicate balance of our intestinal flora. Always take probiotics while taking antibiotics and for several weeks after.

There are a number of good colon cleanse products available at natural food stores and they are a good place to start, because they will help to clear away the caked on gunk that can line your colon. You can also temporarily use a laxative to get things moving if you are constipated, but long-term use can be dangerous. It is far better to keep things moving by eating plenty of leafy greens to provide enough magnesium and fiber to act as a natural laxative. Ayurvedic Triphala is an excellent choice if you need a laxative, because it is effective, yet it is also good for the digestive system and can be used  on a long-term basis.

December 5, 2009

E. Coli, Kidney Damage, and Agribusiness

A couple of weeks ago I came down with what I thought was a 24 hour flu bug. I was very surprised, since I hadn’t had a cold or flu for many years, and I had been supporting my immune system with extra vitamin D3, daily walks in the sunshine, and excellent diet. I KNEW I wasn’t going to get the flu.

Furthermore, nobody I knew had similar symptoms. I’d been around a couple of people with swine flu or bad colds with sore throats, but not a one-day bout of vomiting and diarrhea. That was my first clue that my symptoms might have been from food poisoning.

The next clue was pain in my right kidney. For a few days I thought it was just a back ache from pulling a muscle, but the pain didn’t subside over time like a pulled muscle usually would. It actually got worse. Coincidentally, my Mom, 150 miles away, ended up in the hospital just before I got sick and they found E. coli in her kidneys. Hmmm… that was strange. The doctors gave her antibiotics (which can cause even more problems, I learned after the fact).

Next, I just happened to watch the film “Food, Inc.” and learned all about the way super-bug strains of E. coli are being created in cattle by industrial feedlot practices. This type of E. coli is finding its way into our water and vegetable farms. One child in the film had severe, life-long kidney damage from eating spinach contaminated with E. coli. Hmmm… hadn’t I been drinking a green smoothie every morning, made with raw leafy greens, sometimes including spinach?

The puzzle pieces were starting to fit together in my mind. I looked up E. coli symptoms. First symptom: vomiting and diarrhea. Hmm… I found out that E. coli can kill red blood cells that then clog up the kidneys. Was that why my kidney was hurting? I have never even felt my kidneys in my entire life, and now on the heels of other E. coli symptoms, my right kidney was painful. Red flags started going up in my mind.

According to one article, antibiotics used in this situation could have dangerous repercussions, so I didn’t want to go that route. I found out that Acidophillus, Vitamin C, and D Mannose were effective natural remedies against E. coli. I started taking all of them, starting with Acidophillus and Vitamin C. I felt a little better, but it wasn’t until I went to Whole Foods and picked up a jar of D Mannose that I really noticed a difference in my kidney pain.

The first day I took three scoops, as directed on the label. By the next morning the pain had diminished by about half. I took four doses that day and the pain was almost gone. By the third day I felt as good as new.

Now I’m wondering:

1. What would have happened if I hadn’t “coincidentally” learned about the E. coli-kidney connection?

2. How many other people are out there in danger of permanent kidney damage, because they think they just caught a flu bug?

3. What would have happened if I hadn’t done my own research and learned about D Mannose?

4. Why is our FDA and USDA allowing the beef industry to contaminate our vegetables with this life-threatening strain of E. coli?

5. And damn it, why do meat eaters have to mess things up for everyone else?

Now I have to painstakingly tripple-wash all my leafy greens, just to make them safe to eat. That is just not fair. And I have to keep D Mannose on hand at all times, in case I somehow ingest more of the E. coli critters, because I’m not going to stop drinking green smoothies. They are the best way to include nutritious leafy greens in my diet.

I was lucky. I didn’t end up in the hospital like my Mom. I didn’t have permanent kidney damage like the little girl in “Food, Inc.” I was able to do the detective work myself, because I’m a health-care professional with a strong interest in nutrition, but what about everyone else out there?

I believe that my strong intention to be healthy was influential in my ability to find and recognize the clues to relieving my problem. If I had been totally aligned with joy and appreciation, I probably wouldn’t have been sick at all, but I’m not quite there yet. Even so, I do make an effort to find things to appreciate and I try to stay in the attitude of gratitude, so my life flows pretty smoothly. Aside from a day of nasty symptoms and a minor backache for a few days, my food-poisoning episode turned out to be pretty benign. That’s something else I can appreciate.

If you are reading this, the moral of the story is:

  • Wash your leafy greens really well… and other fruits and veggies too!
  • Boycott corn-fed beef (better yet, all meat)
  • Keep D Mannose, Acidophillus, and Vitamin C on hand – I suspect it will become increasingly important with our modern agribusiness practices
  • And cultivate appreciation, gratitude, joy… and awareness of your body and the environment in which you live

Some natural food stores don’t carry D Mannose, so I’ve added it to my Amazon store for your convenience – http://astore.amazon.com/heaitallcom-20/detail/B000JN4CR0

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