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   Law of Attraction
         and Your Health
attracting health with law of attraction

Your body is LISTENING
to every thought you think!

Are you ready to think about
your ideal health potential NOW?

Even if you are chronically sick, tired, or fighting a "terminal" illness,
you can start healing yourself right now by changing your habits of thought. That may sound crazy, because it's not what your doctors, family, and friends may have told you, but it is a fact. It is a law of the Universe that operates whether you believe it or not.

Many people say they have tried using Law of Attraction and it "doesn't
work" for them. What they don't realize is that it is always working, but it may not be working the way they would like. If they were honestly paying attention, they would notice that their lives are a perfect reflection of who they are inside - their dominant thought patterns and expectations.

Be Happy!
Nobody ever gets sick from thinking happy, uplifted, joyful, positive thoughts!

Disease happens whenever we get caught up in judgement, anxiety, depression,
criticism, fear, anger, worry,  frustration, stress, or any other negative thought pattern for too long.

And guess what. Many of those negative thoughts are not even yours! You may have picked them up from parents, teachers, siblings, the guy next door, or the woman sitting on a park bence on the other side of town. We live in a virtual soup of negative thoughts, so it is no wonder that we find ourselves bogged down in negativity from time to time.

A negative thought is simply a
thought that does not feel

That "not good" feeling is the physical/emotional sensation of your body shutting down its access to healing life-force energy. It takes a lot of those "not good" feelings to finally manifest as physical illness, but as soon as you start focusing on something positive, your body can tap into the endless stream of life-force energy again and begin healing itself.

Your healing process can begin right NOW,

starting with one positive thought.

Look for something to appreciate!

What If You Already Have a Disease?

It is never too late to shift the balance toward well-being and healing. If you can believe, you can achieve miracles. But it takes a new and consistent way of thinking and feeling.

It's simple, but not always easy. If you have a lifetime pattern of looking for things to complain about, it's going to take a strong commitment and a lot of perseverance to change that habit. But if you are serious about improving and maintaining your health, there is really no other option. Positive thoughts, appreciation, and joy allow your healing life-force energy to flow freely. Negative thoughts choke off the flow, which can cause distress, misery, poverty, disease,
and eventually death.

Making the Change

Changing habitual thought patterns is the most important step in healing or maintaining good health.

However, it is almost impossible to make a sudden shift from predominantly negative thinking to positive thinking. It is just too big a change to make all at once. So start with one thought that feels a bit better than what you have been thinking before.


* Think of something that makes you laugh
* Look at something you find beautiful
* Smile for no reason and see how it feels
* Think of someone you love and appreciate
* Imagine what it feels like to be perfectly healthy

Pay attention to how you feel when you think about different things. When you find something that makes you feel just a little bit better, write it down. After awhile you will have a notebook full of things that make you feel better.

The more you stay focused on these uplifting things, the more positive thoughts will come to you. Law of attraction works on the principle of "like attracts like." When you think positive, uplifting thoughts, similar positive thoughts will be attracted to you. Your positive focus will grow like a rolling snowball, and your body will respond by letting in more and more healing life-force energy.

The First Step
Enjoy Nature
Supercharge your ability to direct the Law of Attraction to make your dreams come true with this easy trick.

Shift your mind to
right-brain dominance:

* laugh
* dance
* love
* appreciate
* draw or paint
* spend time in nature
* spread out your arms, fingers, and legs
* play or listen to uplifting music
* feel the inside of your body
* revel in beauty
* raise your eyebrows and smile
* consciously taste, touch, smell, listen, and see
* create rituals
* meditate
* focus on symbols
* chant
* use your left hand
* BE in the present moment - NOW
* do something silly
* watch funny movies
* be totally illogical
* follow your intuition
* really FEEL your feelings

Your right brain cannot think about past or future.
It lives in the present moment. It cannot worry or think negative thoughts. It feels blissfully connected with everything in a timeless state of simply being here now.

When you allow your mind to shift to right-brain dominance, you will automatically be open to allowing the stream of well-being to flow through you. The more you can do this, the faster you will heal.

Play with it. Don't take anything too seriously.

Our educational system fosters development of left-brain functions, which gives us the feeling that we are separate from everything else and living in linear time, caught between past and future.

The right brain is the domain of images, peace, creativity, and inspiration. Of course, we don't want to be stuck in right brain dominance. We wouldn't be able to function in the world very well. But we can choose to engage the right brain when we want to tap into the healing power of inner joy and Universal Life-Force Energy.

For a fascinating view of what happens when the right brain is dominant, watch the video below. Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, relates her amazing stroke experience, when her left-brain was temporarily damaged by a blood clot. It is one of the most inspiring videos available! Just watching it can shift you into right-brain dominance.

The Second Step

Imagine! Picture yourself feeling completely healthy as if it were happening right now. Envision yourself running through wildflower meadows, splashing in the surf, whirling your laughing grandchildren in circles, throwing sticks for your dog, jumping for joy, sharing a delicious meal with loved ones. See it. Feel it. Hear it. Smell it. Taste it.

Know that the Universe is responding to every thought you think. Do you want it to respond to your thoughts of joy and health, or thoughts of fear and dis-ease? The choice is up to you. The Universe will bring you whatever you focus on. It is unchangeable law.

Keep your focus on things that feel good and then only good can come to you!

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