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January 19, 2012

Prescription Drugs are Toxic

Did You Know That ALL Prescription Drugs are Toxic?

Toxic means poisonous! That is why pharmaceutical drugs are so closely regulated. And that is also why drugs have so many negative side effects. Nobody is ever deficient in prescription drugs! Prescribing toxins for an already toxic and diseased condition will eventually lead to a more serious disease.

Immediate symptoms may be relieved by prescription drugs, and sometimes they are needed in emergency situations, but most of these drugs cannot remove the underlying cause of the symptoms. Nor can surgery.

* They do not improve nutrition.
* They generally do not remove toxins from the body.
* In fact they add to the toxic load.
* They do not improve the beliefs and thought patterns that attracted the disease in the first place.

In some cases drugs may be temporarily useful to remove parasites, or to deal with pain or other severe symptoms. However, if your doctor tells you that you will have to stay on any drug long term, it’s time to run the other way and look for other options.

What Are the Other Options?

I may not have all the answers you are looking for, but your body does. I can help you get in touch with your Body Awareness so you can recognize the patterns that are not working for you, and get you started moving in the right direction. Often that is all you will need to see great improvements. Sometimes even a simple change in diet, or an EFT session can work wonders.

Here are some things I often recommend:

Asking your body what it wants
Lab tests
Changes in your diet
Gentle detox
Infrared sauna
Moderate exercise
Spending time in nature
Natural remedies
Parasite cleanse
EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques
Massage & Reiki
Dental work
Spinal alignment

Your body is always trying to heal itself, but you have to cooperate by giving it what it needs – proper nutrition, freedom from toxins and parasites, relief from stress, and plenty of rest and exercise. My job is to help you discover the root cause of your problems and to support you in supporting your body. I will also offer advice on the best ways to improve your nutrition, relieve emotional stress, and detoxify your body. When you follow through and take the recommended action, your body will naturally heal itself. That is the way nature works.

You will find a lot of free information on my website – HealItAll.com. That may be all you need to turn your life around. But you have to use the information! I have spent over 40 years studying and experimenting with nutrition and healing modalities, so you won’t have to. I urge you to take advantage of the resources provided there. If you feel you need more help or advice, I am here to assist you.

My goal is to:
* help you connect with your body’s own wisdom
* give you the information you need
* encourage you to take action on it
* follow up until you are feeling the best you have felt in years!

I hope you will then share what you learn with others, so more people can enjoy the benefits of living in harmony with nature.

For more information visit HealItAll.com or give Bernadette Wulf a call 707-824-0675

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