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Body awareness coaching - vitality like a wild animal

Have You Ever Wished
You Could  Be as Healthy and Fit
as a Wild Animal?

If you have ever watched the effortless flight of a seagull, or the joyful romping of healthy puppies, you know what I mean. Your body has the ability to be as healthy and vibrant as any animal, maintaining its perfect wellness and ideal weight without doctors, pills, or challenging health programs. You just have to learn to listen to your body the way animals do.

Wouldn't it be great to improve and maintain your health and body image simply by becoming aware of what your body really wants and needs? That is how wild animals do it. They are born knowing what their bodies need, and so were you. Unfortunately, humans are usually taught to ignore the signals from their bodies, so they end up becoming sick and out of balance.

The good news is that you can relearn how to recognize and follow the signals from your body. It is not even difficult. Every newborn animal and human baby comes into the world knowing what their bodies want and need. That knowing is still there waiting for you to pay attention to it, but you have to remember how to notice and respond.

When you give your body what it wants -

- Your health naturally improves
- You maintain your ideal body weight
- Eating becomes an ecstatic experience
- Exercise becomes fun
- Life flows effortlessly

Isn't It Time to Give Your Body What It Wants?

Your body really wants wellness, vitality, joy, delicious tastes, sensuous movement, ability to dance and sing and move with ease. It wants thrilling experiences, soothing sounds, warmth and affection. It will tell you exactly what it wants and when it wants each of these experiences. If you listen and respond, you will find that your life begins to feel magical. Things that once were painful or difficult simply fade away and you sail through life with ease and grace.

Of course there will always be challenges. That is just part of life, but the challenges will no longer be overwhelming. You will know that you can handle them, because you are not resisting anymore. You and your body are now working together.

Take a Look at These Statistics:
Health & Wellness Coaching for Vibrant Health & Emotional Freedom
Healthy Aging -
* 99% of people who live to a healthy old age have habitual habits of happiness and optimism!
Heart Disease -
* 75% have habitual pattern of anger and blame
* 15% have habitual pattern of hopelessness
Cancer -
* 75% have habitual pattern of hopelessness
* 15% have habitual pattern of anger and blame

People with habitual hopelessness die
35 years younger than average!

The top three causes of death in the U.S.A. are caused by poor lifestyle choices. These are:
1. Heart Disease
2. Cancer
3. Medical Interventions
(Including prescription drugs, surgeries, hospital mistakes, illnesses contracted in hospitals - over 783,966/year!)

All of these life-threatening issues are at least 90% preventable! Wouldn't it make more sense not to get sick in the first place? Your body is constantly giving you cues about how to be happier and healthier. Why not start listening now?

The Choice is Yours!
I Am Here to Assist You

Do You Have Any of Those Negative  Habits?

Body Awareness Coaching starts with recognizing and clearing your unhealthy habits. Then we work on changing those unhealthy habits into healthy ones! All it takes is conscious awareness and practice!

As your Body Awareness Coach, I will point out where you are operating from unhealthy habits, poor nutritional choices, or limiting beliefs. Then I will teach you how to work with your body to achieve the vibrant health you deserve. I am here to support you in forming new positive habits that will support you throughout your life.

What do you have to lose?

- Excess weight
- Aches & pains
- Disease
- Anxiety
- Anger
- Blame
- Hopelessness

I Will Be Asking You Lots of Questions

Why? Because you already have the answers you need. You know what your body wants. By asking questions, I can help you recognize your own unique answers.

Here Are Some Important Questions to Ask Yourself -

What if none of your negative habits even belong to you?
What if you are picking them up from people around you?
What if you took on the negative habits of your parents and you are still running their energy all these years later?
What if you could totally trust your body to let you know what is best for it?

Those are the types of questions we will explore in your coaching sessions. You will find that your body heals as your conscious awareness expands.

Vibrant health and emotional freedom are at your command.

All you have to do is ask!

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Email Bernadette Wulf                                     (707) 824-0675
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About Bernadette Wulf    
Reiki Master  
EFT "Tapping" Therapist
Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
ULC Ordained Minister

This website is for educational purposes and is not FDA approved, but is protected under the U.S. Constitution rights of freedom of speech and your right to self medicate.

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"The cure to all
disease is relief.

And hear us: we're
not even saying
the cure to all
disease is joy."

                - Abraham-Hicks


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